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  • Trade-off and Change
    This past Sunday February 25th the educational week end promoted by Gruppo Donne Impresa Nazionale, to which I dedicated my last post, came to its end. A sparkling Sunday full of contents that I will share with the Movement in Bologna to go ahed with our projects. However, I would like to focus my attention on two topics: the first one is about the trade-off between work and leisure time above all with reference to self-employement and  early childhood... (more…)
  • C.A.O.S. and female entrepreneurship
    I am in Rome to attend the educational meeting promoted by the Group Donne Impresa-Confartigianato entitled "Sustainability: culture and tools to define a small-sized female business model". The title of the Saturday afternoon session was The C.A.O.S. of female businesses; a study on the relational capital. (more…)
  • THE 4.0 INDUSTRY, are we really ready?
    Yesterday I had the immense pleasure to participate in the national convention of Teamsystem S.p.A. (, which more than a convention is a bona fide show rich in contents and ideas for the present and future. (more…)


management & training

The experience matured in the export and sales field in over twenty years of activity allowed to see the weaknesses of the Italian industry and to develop skills that are focused mainly on the real needs of these companies.
Exporting and, more generally selling, requires resolution, method and analysis, which are often put aside persuaded that, thanks to an acceptable knowledge of English, boundaries of every country can be overcome.
Maybe twenty years ago this approach could lead to results but today competition is very high and aggressive and being able to say some words in a foreign language is not enough any more.

Our company acts as partner to set the basis of a good export and sale practice, and aims to transfer expertises and methods that will be then developed from the company’s staff. Furthermore, trainig and/or coaching sessions are designed according to the specific needs and allow to examine in depth topics that every single company shows to be interested in.

Thanks to strong and longstanding collaborations with our partners, we can provide effective and professional support in the following areas:

Legal Assistance & Consultancye

Design & Development of Websites / E-Commerce

Communication & Social Media Marketing

Events & Brand Awareness campaigns